Which Height Is Right?

Choosing the right height for your stool's environment is an important decision.  Luckily it's a pretty straightforward one.

The perfect height for a bar stool, counter height stool, kitchen island stool, and dining table chair all follow the same general principal: give yourself 9-12 inches between the seat and the height at which you'll be sitting.

With that in mind, here are our recommendations for the most common seating needs.

Kitchen Island or Counter Stools

We think a 27" stool is perfect for a standard 36" kitchen island or counter, and it's the most popular height option for our Coleman Stool and Coleman Stool with Backrest.  The standard recommendation you'll get will be 24-25", so we offer a 24.5" option to split that difference on our Coleman Stools and our Nico Stool.

If you're looking for a versatile seating option, check out our Camp Stool and Camp Stool with Backrest.  You can safely adjust it up to 24" for the counter and quickly spin it down to an 18" height for your dining table (see below) or piano.

Bar or Standing Height Cafe Table

When it comes to a standard 42" bar or a standing cafe table, we do agree with the standard recommendation for a 30" stool height.  We offer it on our Coleman Stools as well as our Nico Stool.  Cheers!

Dining Chairs and Tables

Dining tables have a standard 30" height, and you'll need to make sure any armrests will fit below the bottom height of your specific table.    You'll want your seat height to be 18-20", and you'll be hard pressed to find anything outside of that range.

Although we don't currently offer dining chairs in our product line, our Camp Stool and Camp Stool with Backrest make fine options, and we do make dining chairs for custom projects.  You can also sign up for our mailing list, as we expect to be debuting dining chairs in 2020.