Full Lifetime Warranty - Greta de Parry Design, LLC

Limited Warranty - Greta de Parry Design, LLC

Greta de Parry Design, LLC (Greta de Parry) strives to build long-term relationships based on confidence and trust earned through positive experiences with our customers.  Not only do we design and make our furniture, we also personally and professionally live and work with it.  We’re committed to you being completely satisfied with your purchase now in the future and believe this sustaining satisfaction is at the core of sustainability. Greta de Parry hereby guarantees that the piece will be of good quality and workmanship, free from faults and defects.

Greta de Parry warrants that all components will not fail, under normal use, for the lifetime of the product on the market on residential purchases and for five years from the date of a purchase order or sales invoice for all commercial purchases. Greta de Parry will repair or, at its option, replace any defective component while the product is on the market. Such repair or replacement is the exclusive remedy available from Greta de Parry, and Greta de Parry is not responsible for damages of any kind in contract or in tort, including INCIDENTAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES resulting from any breach of warranty. EXCEPT FOR THE EXPRESS WARRANTIES DESCRIBED HEREIN, GRETA DE PARRY SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS AND EXCLUDES ANY AND ALL EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES WITH REGARD TO ITS GOODS AND SERVICES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Proof of purchase by the Original Purchaser is necessary for all warranty claims.

Greta de Parry’s warranties shall not be enlarged in scope or extended in duration and no obligation or liability shall arise by Greta de Parry’s repair or replacement of any component or surface.  Repair or replacement of any component or surface is not warranted beyond the original warranty period of the original defective component or surface.

Repairs or replacements to any component or the surface required by normal wear, “tipping” or falling over of furniture, neglect, abuse, accident, vandalism, use of products for other than the intended purpose of casual furniture, and acts of nature or God are not warranted. Components that have been exposed and altered to fire or objects with temperatures above 120 degrees fahrenheit are not warranted. Components that have been altered or disassembled are not warranted.

This warranty does not cover color change or finish/coating degradation including, but not limited to, fading due to weathering and sun exposure; discoloration from any source, including, but not limited to, dyes from clothing materials such as raw denim; spotting, rust, or local discoloration due to contact with materials such as but not limited to liquids that penetrate the finish of the components; use that leads to a compromised exterior finish, making materials subject to corrosion. Color matches on replacement parts are not guaranteed or warranted. Furniture that has been exposed to anything specifically mentioned in this warranty or anything known to a craftsperson of reasonable fluency in the material in question to produce local or global discoloration may experience color changes.

Inserts and hardware are warranted for the term of the Original Purchaser’s warranty. Hardware and any other components exposed to salt water conditions are not warranted.

Greta de Parry has the right to decline warranty coverage on furniture or other Greta de Parry products due to improper or unauthorized assembly.

This Warranty is void if repairs have been made or attempted by others not affiliated with or authorized by Greta de Parry. Greta de Parry has the right to decline reimbursement for labor, shipping, transportation, and assembly costs for warranty replacement or repairs.

Any and all abnormal use of Greta de Parry products voids the warranty.

To the extent permitted by Law, the parties hereby agree to waive any provision of Law that conflicts with any provision hereof or renders any provision hereof ineffective or unenforceable in any respect. If you have any other questions or needs pertaining to our warranty, please call or email us.