Keep it Honest.

Furniture is the background of our lives.  From tree to table, we want you to know its roots.

Keep it Simple.

Using only the pure, essential elements of a form achieves maximum effect.

Make it Beautiful.

Thoughtfully-designed furniture adds intrinsic value to our lives.

Make it Last.

Say no to disposable furniture. Design, materials, and techniques should all last longer than we will.

Benefit Everyone.

Provide you with better furniture.
Provide our business partners with meaningful relationships.
Provide us the ability to do what we love.
Greta de Parry Portrait
Greta de Parry is an award-winning, classically-trained woodworker and sculptor.  She has designed, refined, and personally made all of her namesake design firm's furniture in her Chicago shop since 2007.  Every Greta de Parry design is paired with solid, natural materials and made to be honest, simple, beautiful, lasting, and beneficial to its users.

Greta completed her MFA with a focus on Sculpture and Designed Objects at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Afterward she was recruited as the sole artist in residence at a post-graduate program affiliated with the university.  There she began making custom-commissioned furniture with the highest quality materials and construction techniques alongside master woodworker Mike Jarvi.

In 2010 Greta founded Greta de Parry Design to bring the quality associated with her custom commissions to a wider audience.  She and her team continued to produce custom commissions and new work while also pairing with ethically-aligned local fabricators on existing work.  The firm's growth since that time has been - and will continue to be - guided by principles in line with its designs.