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Product pages indicate whether an item is currently in stock or not, and are up to date for each individual variation you select.

In stock items ship 3-5 business days from the receipt of your order via FedEx or UPS Ground. If you need it sooner or require additional services please contact us before placing your order.

Lead times for items from our Collection that are not in stock depend on where we are in our production cycle, but generally ship within three weeks of an order being placed. Contact us for specifics.

Commission lead times depend on the project and are provided along with a formal quote once we've discussed your project's specifics.

You can pay using any major credit card. If you prefer, you can also pay using your PayPal account. If you’d prefer to pay via an alternate method, please email orders@gretadeparry.com with your order details and preferred payment method.
We prefer to handle international orders by hand. Please email sales@gretadeparry.com and we'll make it happen.
Please see the page outlining our To the Trade program.
Only customers shipping to Illinois without a resale exemption are currently liable for sales tax.
You cancel any order that has not yet shipped. Simply email orders@gretadeparry.com with your order’s information and we’ll take care of it. Once an order has shipped it’s subject to our return policy.
Shopping online for furniture can be challenging. We get it. We’re happy to accept returns on any retail orders within ten days of receipt. Discounted and final sale orders are not eligible, however. Simply email returns@gretadeparry.com with your order information and we’ll take it from there. More information is available on our Returns page.
We warrant all residential pieces for five years. Check out our warranty page for more information.

We cover shipping costs for all retail orders over $750 inside the continental US. Contact us for shipping rates if this doesn’t apply to you. We spend a lot of time and effort minimizing freight and customs costs for everyone else.

We're centrally located in Chicago, and transit times to Continental US destinations are 2-4 business days with our standard shipping service.

We ship FedEx or UPS Ground and require a signature to make sure things get safely into your hands. If you'd like a different service, provider, or additional services, please let us know before placing an order.

We've designed custom triple-thick 350lb test boxes to handle the rough rides packages get from time to time. Our Coleman Stools ship up to four per box, and other items vary. We may elect to ship LTL based on each order's line items.

If you receive an item with damage, please save all packaging materials and send a photo of the damage to returns@gretadeparry.com. We'll get you sorted out right away.

We're in the process of making this easier; in the meantime please send an email to sayhello@gretadeparry.com with what you’re interested in. Please keep in mind all other FAQs related to the natural color variation that naturally occurs in our natural materials, and that this is especially true when it comes to small samples of materials whose full expression occurs on the full-sized piece.

Steel components will have little-to-no variation in color between pieces. Concrete components will have minor variation in color and gradients from batch to batch and slight variations within a batch; they may also have slightly different “edge effects” from where the concrete is “ripped” (it’s gentle, we swear!) from the mold. We do everything we can to minimize this variation, but we also feel it’s one of the strongest attributes of concrete.

The finish on our solid wood pieces will fade slightly over time, but it can easily be maintained and restored using standard polishes. We’re happy to help you do a more robust refreshing, just email us at sayhello@gretadeparry.com. Concrete and steel finishes have shown to be stable in color over time.

We’re in the process of having our applicable pieces certified. If it’s an urgent request or must-have for your project, please let us know and we can try to expedite your particular pieces.

We include floor protection for all pieces. We’ve found that thin felt strips provide the best protection with minimal aesthetic impact for indoor residential orders, and we include these and more robust plastic glides for commercial or outdoor orders. If you have a preference, let us know.

All of our pieces require little-to-no maintenance. Wiping down pieces with a lightly damp cloth is all it really takes. Wood can get a thin coat of any oil you have in your kitchen to get it to pop a bit. Skip the chemicals like Pledge.

All pieces that consist of powder coated steel and concrete can be used indoors or outdoors. Although our Camp Stool can be used outdoors, it's at your own risk, as the threaded rod cannot be protected all that well from the outdoors. Avoid scratches on the powder coated steel, as rust can occur around those local areas. Wiping them down from time to time will help.

Shoot an email to press@gretadeparry.com and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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