Dwell on Design

Dwell On Design Los Angeles is the largest design event in America, and was my first introduction to the magical world of trade shows a couple of years back.  Before that first show we didn’t really know what to expect, but we were super excited to find out.

It takes place at the LA Convention Center in three action-packed days, featuring over 100 speakers, and dynamic, cutting-edge exhibits of interiors, furniture, and objects. Top luminaries of the interior design world were always in attendance, so it was an ideal place to make my debut to the industry.

Greta de Parry Dwell on Design Award Winner


I labored for months over the wall decal for our booth, and ended up with a design I was really proud of.  The backdrop was clean, minimal, and conveyed my key points:

  • Wood, Concrete, and Steel Furniture
  • Made in the USA
  • Indoor and Outdoor Safe
  • Variations and Customization

Greta de Parry Dwell on Design Award Winner


It just so happened that the judges of the show liked my style, and use of “clean graphics to enhance equally clean furniture” - I was awarded with Best Furniture in Show!  (*Boom. Microphone - Drop)

Greta de Parry Dwell on Design Award Winner


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