New Website!

The motivation behind me building my first website back in 2009 is a familiar and favorite one to me: form follows function. I needed a place for people to see my work, and a website is a great way to make it happen with little resources. The story behind it is also a recurring theme for me: learn how to make something. At the time I didn’t have the money to pay for a website, so I learned to build it on my own.  

Over the coming years I added new content any chance I got. Although it wasn’t the cleanest design, I liked the character of the site. It reminded me of my shop: it had everything I needed, and I knew just where everything was. At the same time, it was growing limbs upon limbs upon limbs, and although trees are an integral part of my work, the complexity of my site was not becoming comparable to the beauty of a mature White Oak.

Demand for my work increased over the past few years as well, and there was regular interest in a few of my products. As I completed custom commissions, I also worked on perfecting a few of my most loved and most popular designs, like my Coleman Stool, with the dream of one day growing it to a place where it was accessible and affordable to everyone.

Here we are now in 2014 - five years later - and there so many reasons why I’m really excited you’re looking at this beautiful, brand new website and branding created with the help of the amazing Twin Collective. There’s my new blog, great new content, new imagery, and now you’re able to easily purchase work like my classic Coleman Stool and its new siblings, the Coleman End Table and the Coleman Bar Cart!

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