The qualities I appreciate in friends I also value in furniture; they must be playful, resourceful, emotionally stable (tables carry a lot of weight), and go against the grain.

While anonymous, mass production is losing its market appeal, I believe there's a growing movement towards owning things whose origins extend beyond an assembly line. Handmade objects have an inherent history as do the roots of the material. 

As the designer and maker of everything Greta de Parry, it's important that my hand show through in each piece. From conception to completion, I've dreamt, sketched, researched, surveyed, prototyped, cut, milled, welded, sawed, jointed, sanded, scraped, & finished each and every piece by hand (and ate a lot of dust doing it). I fancy myself a 'Rosie the Riveter' of sorts, yet still admire the dainty, chameleon-like qualities of Blanche Dubois (aside from her descent to insanity). (Though I do always appreciate the kindness of a stranger.)

I'm a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a background in Sculpture, Designed Objects, & Graphic Illustration. If I was the bragging type I'd tell you that in 2007 I was recruited as the sole artist in residence in a post-graduate program affiliated with SAIC, and had the privilege to work alongside master logger, woodworker, craftsman, carpenter, musician, and all around awesome dude, Mr. Mike Jarvi. But I'm not. So, anyways...

In closing, it's both strange & flattering to think that someone other than my mother is reading my 'about' page - or, Aboot, as we, Meechiganders say (go Blue). Thanks so much for your interest. ♥GdP | Tree your mind, & the rest will follow |

| Above photography by Alyssa Miserendino | for more news & updates check out my Facebook Page |