• Orders

  • What payment options are available?

    You can pay using any major credit card. If you prefer, you can also pay using your PayPal account. If you’d prefer to pay via an alternate method, please email orders@gretadeparry.com with your order details and preferred payment method.

  • I’m an industry professional. What options do I have?

    Please see our To the Trade page linked above for details on our To the Trade program.

  • Will I pay tax?

    Only if you’re in Illinois and aren’t tax exempt. If you’re tax exempt, it’s best to reach out to us via our Trade program. See the link in the header above.

  • Can I cancel or alter my order?

    Yes you may so long as we haven’t already sent it out. Simply email orders@gretadeparry.com with your order’s information and we’ll take care of it. Once it’s sent out it’s subject to our returns policy.

  • What's the warranty?

    We warrant all pieces for five years. Check out our warranty page for more information.

  • Can I return my order?

    Of course! Shopping online for furniture can be challenging. We get it. We’re happy to accept returns within ten days of receipt. Simply email returns@gretadeparry.com with your order information and we’ll take it from there. More information is available on our Returns page.

  • Shipping

  • What do you charge for shipping?

    We cover shipping for all orders inside the continental US. Contact us for shipping rates if this doesn’t apply to you. We spend a lot of time and effort minimizing freight and customs costs for everyone else.

  • How long will it take to get here once I place an order?

    We ship in-stock items within three business days and orders within the continental US make it to their happy new home within 2-4 business days from being sent out. Out-of-stock, custom, and made-to-order products depend on our shop schedule. Please email sayhello@gretadeparry.com to get more information.

  • I live outside the continental US and can’t checkout. Help!

    Sorry! International orders are something eCommerce still hasn’t perfected, so we like to handle these by hand. Please email orders@gretadeparry.com with the details of your order and we’ll reply within 48 hours with a quote including freight and customs if applicable.

  • What shipping methods do you use?

    Orders of six pieces or fewer will ship via FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery depending on whether it will be delivered to a commercial or residential address. We require indirect signatures upon delivery; please let us know if you’d like a direct signature instead.

  • What can I expect in terms of boxes?

    We do everything we can to minimize material use when shipping. We fit anywhere from 1-3 stools per box, and the boxes are of a similar size to the final product. Our pieces require minimal assembly - a screwdriver if anything.

  • How much assembly is required?

    Little or none. If any is required, you’ll just need a screwdriver.

  • Help! Something arrived damaged.

    Oh no - we’re so sorry! We’ve spent a lot of time creating robust packaging and shipping solutions, but things get handled much rougher in transit than they do over a lifetime of use. Sometimes that handling is extremely rough (ask us horror stories), and pieces can arrive with slight damage. If this happens, please email orders@gretadeparry.com with order information and a description of the damage. We’ll get you new goods ASAP.

  • Materials

  • Concrete seats... are those comfortable?

    Extremely comfortable, actually. Concrete isn't noticeably harder than other non-upholstered seats you're used to. Plus, the concrete seats used in our pieces have gone through five years of rigorous refinement to find a wonderfully comfortable contour. That, combined with a footrest whose position has been just as rigorously scrutinized, lead to an extremely ergonomic seating option.

  • Does color vary between pieces?

    Steel components will have little-to-no variation in color between pieces. Concrete components will have minor variation in color and gradients from batch to batch and slight variations within a batch; they may also have slightly different “edge effects” from where the concrete is “ripped” (it’s gentle, we swear!) from the mold. We do everything we can to minimize this variation, but we also feel it’s one of the strongest attributes of concrete.

  • Will colors change over time?

    The finish on our solid wood pieces will fade slightly over time, but it can easily be maintained and restored using standard polishes. We’re happy to help you do a more robust refreshing, just email us at sayhello@gretadeparry.com. Concrete and steel finishes have shown to be stable in color over time.

  • Can I get a swatch?

    Absolutely! Send an email to sayhello@gretadeparry.com with what you’re interested in. Please keep in mind all other FAQs related to the natural color variation that naturally occurs in our natural materials, and that this is especially true when it comes to small samples of materials whose full expression occurs on the full-sized piece.

  • Will my purchase qualify for environmental credits for my project?

    We’re in the process of having our applicable pieces certified. If it’s an urgent request or must-have for your project, please let us know and we can try to expedite your particular pieces.

  • These materials are great! But will they scratch my floor?

    We include floor protection for all pieces. We’ve found that thin felt strips that can be applied to the bottom of most pieces provide the best protection on concrete and wood floors while also altering having the minimal impact of appearance. For orders intended to be outdoors we recommend more robust plastic glides that will help protect the frames of pieces from scratching. Please send us a note if you’re intending use primarily outdoors and we’ll include these as well.

  • Maintenance and Care

  • What maintenance do these pieces require?

    They don’t require any maintenance, but wiping down pieces kept outdoors after significant rain is a good idea.

  • I’m considering a piece that says it’s safe indoor/outdoor for outdoor use. What can I expect?

    You can expect a great piece that will do just what it says. The biggest risk in outdoor use on non-stainless steel pieces is a significant scratch on a steel component (e.g. the bottom side of the frame). If the scratch is deep enough to compromise the weather-resistant finish, there is a small chance you may develop a small oxidation spot over time. You can minimize this by using the recommended floor glides, and wiping down outdoor pieces after significant rainfall.

  • General Questions

  • Do you offer sales or discounts?

    We sell pieces used in trade shows, demos, as well as refurbished pieces on our Etsy page. Check it out!

  • How can we stay in touch?

    Our mailing list (on the bottom of each page) is your best bet if you’re interested in new product releases. We only send a few emails per year, and all are relevant. If you want to hang out, check us out on our social media links in the header and footer of each page.

  • Do you have a retail store?

    Unfortunately no, but we are slowly increasing our retail presence by having our pieces included with great retail partners.

  • Does Greta make every piece?

    Greta still makes all made-to-order pieces and prototypes for final pieces. We work with ethically-aligned local manufacturers (truly local - everyone is within 100 miles of Chicago) to produce components of certain pieces.